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Windows Update is broken :(

I haven't visited Windows Update for loooooong, so i decided to give it a shot yesterday. It seemed that I hadn't installed the V4 Windows Update program, cause a messagebox popped up telling me to install it. So I did, but suddenly an error popped up, telling me that Windows Update failed and showing me I could either e-mail Microsoft about this problem or go to the Knowledge Base. The knowledge base basically told me to remove any cookies by V4.Windowsupdate and so I did. I didn't work.
The errorcode specified was: 0x80072F76.
Getting same message for two downloads i want...has to be microsoft update site as it was working last night.

It is them just did a clear out of all cookies and the rest went back to update site and it said no updates.....then retried a few mins later and now showing 2 critical updates...but as of yet still not downloading...starting but not getting anything more than a few meg.


Just got off Windows Update - I downloaded two critical updates one Q328310:Security Update (Windows XP) and an 810030 (no Q which I thought strange): Microsoft VM Security Update.

Total download was 9M and it took forever to download them (semed like I was back on dail-up) - also seemed to take long to install them - however both were successful and reboot appeared normal.

Also I always do the "read more" and print them out so I have an old fashioned paper record of which updates I have installed - just in case. When clicking on the "read more" they took forever to come up.

So it appears the whole update site is super slow. But I did get the updates and the site said they installed successfully!


Windows Update was down for most of the day, but as DY says it's back up now. For the moment.


When I finally got through mine - the downloading appeared to hang (but actually went very slowly) from around 4.1 M up to the 9M total - I was ready to give up a couple of times myself - but had nothing better to do than sit there and wait and wait and wait!;)

Me thinks it'll probably clear up later as there are probably a lot of folks trying to get on the site right now - since it has been down most of the day!
It hangs on installing the Update component. Somehow it gives this errormessage:

Windows Update Error

Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

Select from any of the following pages for information about Windows Update services, or send us your feedback.

Windows Update Home Page
About Windows Update
Support Information

You can also get online support if you are having problems with Windows Update.

Send error number to Microsoft (0x80072F76)
Note This sends error information but does not create a support incident; you may or may not receive a response.
I cannot go to the download page, this really cracks me up. I am now stop trying and I'll get back to this tomorrow. In the meanwhile: Solution? Anyone?


Tell me about the fun...I had 17 megs of updates today, and this is with updating it every time a new patch comes out...

I wouldn't mind if the download if it went at my cap..but nooo..a crawling < 3kb/s throughout most of the download.
I just saw on the frontpage that there is a troubleshooter for Windows Update, but no help here also, since I am not LAN-browsing and not using a proxy, but using a Dial-Up cable-connection instead. I didn't found a description of the problem (what makes Windowsupdate say this errormessage?), does anyone know what the cause is for this error? :confused:


If you have problems to install the new Windows Update controls, it may help to disable any firewall-, adblocker- and antivirus software.
You can also try to download the latest win update controls from this link:
and save them to your desktop , or better yet, save into a new unique folder.
Extract the cab by:
1. Right clicking on the iuctl.cab
2. Select "Extract" -- point to a known location and click Ok
3. Use Windows Explorer, go to where the cab was extracted to and "right click" on the * IUCTL.INF *
4. Select "install".
5. Logout and reboot the system. This last step is important.
On XP & Win2000 the IUCTL.DLL & IUENGINE.DLL should go into %windir%\system32
(information from MS Newsgroup by Maurice N MVP Windows - Shell / User)

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