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Windows Update files where?


Must be dreaming...
You all know the Windows Update site for XP where you get all those security update, etc. Well, where are those files stored after they are downloaded? Because if I formatted, it would save me a lot of time by just installing them from file instead of downloading them again.

Thanks for any help.


WinXP service pack 1 should be out in about a week, I'd just wait & d/l that. But if you want to d/l the updates as they are right now:

goto: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
click on Personalize Windows Update
check box "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog Under See Also"
click save settings
on the left you get a new link "Windows Update Catalog"


I was misinforming you by saying that you won't have to get the updates. Get what you can and see later on if there's any other updates available.

I have the most important ones burned already so I don't have to go on windowsupdates all the time. New updates are available almost everyday but is it needed ? Installed the most important ones and see if you need more later on. I have XP Pro working perfectly without all updates and I'm satisfied so I'm not looking for anything else.

Security updates are needed but I am behind a Router so I don't need that much "Security Updates" as others. See for yourself what you really need :D

Take care :p


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ive just downloaded the XP SP1 and it runs until it asks me if i would like to install the SP
or install it so i can uninstall it at a later date and b4 i have a chance to click the option i want, the installer just quits out and says install abborted,
i do have a valid Xp Pro an OEM licence, so why cant i install the SP?
any help would be nice thanks :)


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i downloaded it from this site the link led to the microsoft site,
no download manager used as i have broadband connection.
and it still wont install after i downloaded it again :(

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