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Windows Update does not work



Just replaced my faulty Linksys router with an a D-Link 704P .

Internet and download are now twice as fast and stable, but I got two problems.

The first one is that Windows upadate will not find any updates for my PC. It did before, but now right after I reinstalled XP and SP1, it brings up nothing. I know my system is not up to date so whats up ?

Secondly is if anyone here knows how to use port forwarding with a D-Link please tell me. With the linksys it was pretty easy but I cant figure the D-Link out.

I will not go back to the Linksys as it was a very poor router. Slow and very bug prone, but atleast Windows Update worked with it :-/
SP1 will mess up Windows Update if it thinks the code is non-legit. That's all I know.

The D-Link shouldn't be a problem. Found this on the D-Link homepage:
1. Go to
2. Type in "admin".
3. Under one of the menus (don't know which) there is Virtual Server.
4. Forward the ports you want.
5. Done. :)


This is really strange.

I did another format and clean install of XP, except this time I used a different serial and I have the same problem.

Windows Upadate worked fine with the serial that it came with it in the past. I don't see why they would suddenly mess me up. I have used SP1 in the past also and it installed and let me update with no problems.

I really do think it is my D-Link router, but I have no real way to tell.

Another thing I noticed is that if I try to log into www.livejournal.com at my home, I am logged off right after clicking any link on the page. Yet if I log in at work, I keep my log in untill the browser closes.
I have the same router as you do ... and Windows Update works fine.

I don't know what the problem is, but if you need help with anything else on your router, ask, and I can help you out.


Well I could use your help now.

I have three different routers.

First was the Linksys, then I have the D-Link DI-704 and the DI-704P.

I took off the Linksys and hooked up the 704P and it works fine except for that it wont let me log into my livejournal , and that windows update does not work.

The 704 I cant get to work at all. Usually there are two orange lights on the router, and the top one blinks, the bottem one stays constant. But on the 704 I cant get the router to find my IP and such.

What I really want to know is do you have any tips for installing a router (D-Link 704)?. I plug in the Power, LAN, and my PC into the router. My PC is off at the time. I then turn on my PC, and it boots up to XP. From there I do a /release and /renew in command prompt and my 704P usually works fine right off the bat , or after a restart.

The problem is I can't get the 704 or my Linksys to work with this method. Strange because just a few days ago my linksys worked fine :( The 704 just sits there and tries to find the IP. I can log in at on both D-Links but only the 704P works.

I am really really confused and distressed over this.

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