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Windows update annoyances.


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First off... How do you turn off that "Automatic Updates is disabled" warning in your system tray. I'm sure there is a registry tweek to do it. But I don't know what it is. I want to use Autopatcher from here on out and I dont' feel like being botherred with Auto update prompts every few seconds.

2nd and more importantly. Does anyone know which update disabled password saving? All I know is before running my updates I could click on the "remember password" check box on gmail notifier and now after the updates that option isn't there. It's not grayed out, its just not there. Any help would be great.



Stranger Than Fiction
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Boy .... f*ck this autopatch nonsense. I was led to believe this was a replacement for automatic update. I mean, get a torrent of all the latest updates, install what you want. GREAT.

Doesn't seem to work that way for me. I'm going to remove it and all of the updates it installed, maybe #2 will be resolved than. I'll update you when I know.


Removed Autopatcher and all the updates I could find. Still no luck with the "Remember Passwords" option. This angers me!

**EDIT 2**

I found this tip that said if you go start>run control userpasswords2 then disable "users must enter a password" it'll fix the problem. So I try that and the system automatically logs into the default Administrator account and sure enough, gmail notifier pops up and the checkbox to remember password is there. If I log out of the administrator account and log into my own account (also an admin account) the option to remember passwords is gone. It probably isn't a windows update problem but I definately don't know what kind of problem it is.
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I have never recommended the use of AutoPatcher. For all Microsoft related updates you should use Microsoft Update or Windows Update. AutoPatcher installs items that may not be needed or not wanted. Stay away.

As for problem number one: If you don't want to disable the service there is an option to disable warnings from the notification area.

Once re-enabled, launch the Security Center, and on the left hand side click "Change the way Security Center alerts me". Lastly, uncheck which alerts you don't want to see and click OK.

Second problem: in order to get this tip to work, first you must HIGHLIGHT the name of the account you want to autologon. Then check the box and press Apply. After pressing Apply an input box should popup asking you for a password and to confirm the password. Once you do this, reboot and you will be all set.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Still no go. Here are a few screenshots of what I'm talking about. Left one is the admin account, Right one is my account. The missing checkbox is just bizarre. And it happens on anything that prompts for a password. I was thinking I could delete my account and just use the admin account but I've already got mine configured the way I like it. That'll be an option if all else fails I guess.



Stranger Than Fiction
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Did you try reinstalling the Google software after removing AutoPatcher?
Yeah. It didn't work, but I expected that. It's doing the same thing on my work PC and that has never had Autopatcher installed. Yet another reason why I figured it was one of the windows updates that did it.


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Well with regards to not being able to check the box, but you can under the "administrative" profile - you could always bounce your local profile and re-create it.

The setting seems to be profile-specific, go for it :)

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