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Windows Transparent Artifacts...help


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
Sometimes when I'm running a lot of applications or playing movies, or I let a p2p application run overnight (shareaza) I seem to get this wierd problem where explorer/browser window borders become transparent and show off-color artifacts (missing sections of drop down menus, blacked out buttons, etc). Its as if the msstyle crashes. Hovering over the caption buttons will make them visible again, but this is still annoying. I'm suspecting a graphics memory leak of some sort. Another side effect is when launching a game I get a "Cant initilize graphics" message and need to close all browsers, apps and sometimes force quit explorer itself until it works. Any ideas? Codec related perhaps?


OSNN Veteran Original
Well, this isn't really my topic of expertise..I guess I'll ask one more question, have you done a virus scan of your computer? Otherwise, I do not know....
Could be an issue with the graphics card drivers. Have you tried reinstalling the latest version of the Catalyst/Forceware drivers?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
That may be it netryder. I think this issue may have cropped up when I installed nforce drivers... I have an nforce asus A78nx mobo. Recommend a good graphics driver version package?

I have a geforce4 ti 4600
It's been a while since I used an nVidia card. My notebook has a Radeon, so I haven't kept up with nVidia drivers recently. You might want to wait for suggestions from someone who is still in touch. :)


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
I'll be damned. put the latest whql forceware drivers on and that seemed to fix the problem. Duh. and here I thought the latest nforce drivers would be sufficient...

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