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windows time resetting?


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My madre (mom) got this computer, pretty nice little setup from some guy who makes pc's. Anyways every time the computer is restarted or turned on. The time always is reset and the date. It’s like 12:00 AM October 5, 2005. Also it says that I’ve installed new programs, but I haven’t they where the programs that come with the computer. Its weird, it saves everything we do, but it prompts us on stuff that’s way old. Any ideas?? Maybe there is not battery in the mb? Im not sure....
Might need to replace the battery on the motherboard, also check the CMOS reset jumper near the battery to make sure it's present and shorting the correct jumpers.


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I took out the bat and put it back in, the jumpers are good, i chnage dthe time in the bios and saved. so far so good, ill get back in a little bit..
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