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windows taskbar..


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ok i hate all the windowsblinds programs and what not, but was wondering if there was a way i can chnage the green start button to blue, without a bunch of extra crap..i have WMC 2005 and have the royal theme..i like it a lot..so any ideas?


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it'll cost you a bit of time and knowledge for this but doesn't not require resources like that of WindowBlinds.

It may cause a bit of a problem with the Windows File Protection though because you'll need to replace Microsoft's UXtheme.dll file with a hacked version (which M$ doesn't like).
This will then allow you to customise your UI with any themes that you can find in various websites.


Download the patcher and run it, when file protection comes up, give it a 2 minutes then cancel and o.k., reboot and your uxtheme file is patched so you can run third party visual styles and themes.

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