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Windows SP1 question

Win dows SP1 question

With the many pros and cons about installing SP 1 onto our PC, I really want to know exactly, is it really worth or good installing it or not ? I haven't installed mine yet but visiting the forums someones says it slows down the system, someone said it has trouble when installing and some said it makes the pc works faster and better ..what do you say ? Should I install ??


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Of course you should install it and any other service pack that M$ releases. They fix up security problems which have been getting serious attention lately. The first thing to do to have a good Windows experience is to keep it up to date.
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I agree with j79zlr. Make sure you install SP1 and are up-to-date with other critical updates posted on the Windows Update site.
The recent MSBlast outbreak reached such a large scale only because end-users were negligent, and hadn't installed a security patch that Microsoft posted several weeks before the worm was created.


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Service Packs are simply large cumulative updates and security patches for Windows. Always run the latest service pack.


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