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Windows Shell Scripting Help


High On Life!
ok guys same thing as linux hehe, i actually figured out a lot of stuff in an hour by trial and error, felt like it would be annoying to ask but how do i use an if not statement properly?

i want to ask the use a question say

What is the Space Ship's Name?
and if the user doesnt enter enterprise in any casing (i used /i)
then it tells him he is incorrect
set /P Answer1=1.What is the Space Ship's Name?
echo ******************************
if /i %Answer1%==Enterprise echo You Are Correct
if not /i %Answer1%==Enterprise echo You Are Incorrect <-- cant get this part to work


High On Life!
well it is used as an underlying line in, i also did use echo. to create blank lines, i tried to use else but else isnt recognized, i finished it though thanks for trying to help


High On Life!
i actually got it like an hour or so ago, but saw that no one replyed so i didnt feel like bumping the thread hehe :D thanks for trying though

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