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Windows Server MS updates


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey All,

Was reading somewhere last night there are issues with some of the latest with some Server Windows Updates from MS.

Is this true?

I am thinking of bringing this Domain Controller up to date with the updates.




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You should also have the servers set for autoupdate so they are patched as soon as they are available, just my .02

In an ideal environment you would have a backup environment for patch testing, where you could download the patches ahead of time but that probably isn't realistic for most small businesses. Patches are available for download around a week or so ahead of Patch Tuesday release.


Bow Down to the King
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I disagree with Derek, again. =)

I have Automatic Updates set to automatically download, but wait for my approval to install. Downtime should be planned.


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I should have been more clear - I auto download and install but at 3 A.M.

Various backups and processes run from 9P-2A, so there is no effect on anything. All user accounts are locked at that point, and the systems force them to logoff should they forget before going home. This is so if the server is backing up all files are closed and when it reboots (optionally) from updates there are no issues.

None of my users are doing work at that time ;)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Patch testing isn't viable here.

I would rather just wait for a while, then make sure the updates were working properly by asking here.



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Yeah but I don't think OSNN is a fair testing ground. Often times the issues are environment specific. You're call though, nothing wrong with your approach.

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