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Windows Server 2008 default background


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I would like to use a picture stored on the local clients computers as a default desktop background. Right now by default the 2008 server is pushing down just a blue background I guess from a default group policy when a client logs in. I can't seem to find where in the policy this is being pushed from. It's got to be from a default policy because when I log in as an administrator the correct background appears. Please forgive me as I am a newbee with windows servers.

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Go into group policy.

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop\Desktop

Should be this one in the right pane: Desktop Wallpaper


OSNN One Post Wonder
This is going to be the client's background. The picture is on the clients machine so do I put the path to the picture on the clients drive? For exampe C:\Windows\DesktopBackground\test.jpg


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So you are working on the client's background and the wallpaper is already on that system? Or are you still referring to group policies?



OSNN One Post Wonder
Yes, I am trying to set the clients background. If I choose the background locally on the client it changes to blue the next time the client logs onto the domain. The server must have a default policy somewhere that is overriding this. I just can't find it.

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