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Windows Server 2003


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Iv been seeing these desktops that look like windows xp and all and have everything. Then they have a window open thats says Windows Server 2003, plus other information about it. What is that about? Is that just a server or what? Is it better than just haveing Xp?
If so, where can I get it. Or, im assuming it cost some money.


Well you can see from the name that it is a server!
It is a very good server aswell. The fastest and stable operating system I have ever seen :cool: .

You shouldnt install it if it is for gameplay but if you just want to use it for fun, then why not? There are quite a few guides out there aswell in which you can tweak Win Server 2003 to flow fast but act like a normal desktop OS like XP.

If you want to buy it, it would cost you about $3000 :eek: :mad: , but you could always order the 180day trial from Microsoft! :D
Originally posted by NetRyder
I have the trial CD lying around. Maybe I should try it out when I'm bored ;)
yeah... just for fun tho :p

I've tried it - its alright like, but I have other ways of having fun than to play with yet another microsoft NOS...


I may actually be insane.
I have a site hosted on Win Server 2003, and I bloody hate it :p
(basically it's a pain in the ass and doesn't run any scripts right :) )

There's absolutely no point running it as an o/s though.
Originally posted by NetRyder
Leeeeenux == fun to play with :D
of course, that goes without saying :)
absolutely no need to have Windows Server 2003 on a normal machine though, even if you were running your internet through it (treating it like a true server)... I think you'd only get real usage out of it if it was being used in a company environment.

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