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Windows Registry


Is there a problem with using this and the windows "help and support" center? I ran it and deleted all the entries it came up with and now i can't get my help to come up. May not be related but i haven't done anything else out of the ordinary and want to rule this out as i troubleshoot to get my help and support center back.
Thx for the reply. I'm not sure what it is but it seems to be the only thing affected. I'm planning a reinstall anyway. I've been hackin' this and tweakin' that, you know how it is :p . I'm sure your program is cool. I should've copied everything to the clipboard, popped it into notepad, and made a .reg file out of it, next time i will. Right now i just don't know what caused it and was trying to rule this out.


hmmm...yeah. It does delete something related to help and support, for my help and support also wouldn't load. Luckily, i had a restore point :D


hehe, np, Lonman. I sometimes forgot simple solutions too :D

so, APK, nice try though! i really like your programs, but this one bombed my help and support :rolleyes:
I did run the analysis again. I could identify which ones were for the help center ok, but there were a lot more that i think really ought to stay that are targeted to. Got a question about the "copy to clipboard" function. Will it only copy one at a time, or is there a way to copy a whole slew at once... and is that all you need (the info the program copies out?)
Holy too damn many numbers batman. I'd be all day tracking each entry in regedit. I took screen shots of all the registry entries. The email is on it's way.
Yeah, i have no problem testing it. I got system restore :D .

Just to do a legit test i'll delete everything it finds so do your homework -- i say that cuz that's why i get these kinds of programs, to do the work for me.
That's gonna cost ya a case of YES Coke, pepsi is for sissies and race car drivers. No offence :p

Silly question here, i'm not supposed to be deleting any of these right? Just want to be clear about that. Don't want to have to do a restore for nothing.

Oh yeah, do you want those pasted strings separated by a hard return? Or all bunched up?
Here you go:

Now i only put the one's in I think you asked for. Only the one's that had the squirely {} brackets. There's lot more like these:

HKEY_USERS: S-1-5-21-1644491937-1935655697-1060284298-500\Software\Microsoft\Installer\Products\05FF28AE852EEFD438B9F8620AA1437A\SourceList\Net

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: Software\HighPoint\HPT RAID Administrator

(just a couple examples). Do you want those too? Or are those part of the "safe to delete" crowd?


hehe, your registry cleaner, found registry files that Microsoft Regclean couldn't...:D

OOOOHHHH! It's my 100th POST!!! let's celebrate!!

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