Windows programs using 100% cpu?


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My computer has started acting oddly, I first noticed during gameplay the game(that have run before with no problem) would started to Sloooow and skip so music w o uo ld sou nd like th i s and it would advance frames slowly.
Then it started happening in the desktop especcialy with media intensive progs. and P2p stuff.
With task manager running you can see programs jump to 100% cpu usage (even ones that have never used more than 10%) and cause the desktop to freeze up.

I have defragged run virus scanners and registry cleaners till the cows come home and it STILL does it grrrrrrrrrr.....
the machine is becoming unusble

Any ideas?


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Check to see if you installed the windows security update 811943 (or maybe 811953, old age is a pain, the memory went second).

There are lots of posts all over about it. It SERIOUSLY slows your system. Most people are removing it until MS puts out the fixed update for it.


I was noticing this problem too. Many of my apps were taking far too long to load. I checked to see what MS said about the patch, then decided to remove it. Everything seems to be working better now.

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spent a while looking for that update to uninstall it BUT I couldnt find it because i hadnt updated it yet!?!?.

so if it isnt that? then what this is pppppping me off now.....:mad:

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Okay this is messed up........

I ran windows update and selected q811493 just so I could then go on and remove it using Add/remove in the control panel (this is frickin retarded but I am desperate) and still the computer is pausing and skipping media/games etc.........

Does anyone have any NON q811493 related Ideas?


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Run a spyware cleaner like SPybot or Adaware and check your startup programs.

So any program is spiking to 100% usage? That seems odd.


couple of questions for you,


1) is kazaa running in the background?
2) if it is did you just add a folder to share?
3) if u have kazaa ++ do you leave on unlimited searching?
4) The old time favorite, maybe it can be spyware?

Answers to those questions if theres a yes:

1) Check out 2 and/or 3
2) soemtimes when u add a folder and theres so much files to be shared it makes kazaa a memory hog due to the fact that it has to name the files and all this other crap...
3) Unlimited searching also lags up your system, but this is no problem if you just have regular kazaa, so if you do just forget about #3
4) have you done a spyware scan? best apps for it are (IMO) Ad-Aware and/or Spybot.....dont know what spyware is? then you should definetly get the prog and do a scan

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