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Alright after a 20 min argument with 2 dumbass girls about what the name of there computer is and there OS i gotta ask a question. They r havin troubles with windows paint. They say that when they try to change the file type all they get is Monochrome Bitmap. They said its worked before but now all they get is that. The reason we had the argument is cause i asked what OS they had and they keep sayin Sony Vaio and i was like no what Operating System do u have and they were like we told u Sony Vaio. I said god f*ckin damnit what is your OS? They said well its designed for Windows me. and i was like r u sure u didnt put xp on it and they said no. So then finally i asked what does it say when u boot up and they were like windows me. So here i am now all pissed cause 2 stupid girls and now my girl just got home from bein away for a week so i gotta hurry and go to her house.


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This might just be the first question I've EVER seen about MS Paint. :p

And sorry, I don't have an answer for ya.


Dabba Dooba
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lol...i figured i would. I told them the first problem is u have windows me. Well...i am off to my gf's house. Peace


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i will occasionly use it to paste a screen shot.. hehe and my 10 year old sister like to creat "master peices with it"

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