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Windows on G: not C:

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
Hi There all
Could someone clear up something for me, When i reinstalled windows about a week ago i have managed to some how install windows on to G: drive with a small partition with system volume information, This is C: drive, this holds all the restore points i guess ?

My main question is is there any way to swap the drive letters over ie make C: with windows on, and G: with system volume information. This might be a total no no thats why i'm asking will this cause any major problems ?
Already running sp2 on xp Home
Thanks in advance


Sorry, I don't understand your question. What has System Volume Information to do with it? There is a folder with that name on every drive.
How many disks do you have? How are they partitioned? Where is Windows? Where are the Windows startup files (hidden files ntldr, ntdetect.com, boot.ini).

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
g: not c:

Sorry for the confusion, yes system vol info on all drives.
When i reinstalled windows all the startup files are on the same drive but it's called it G: drive instead of C: the other partition i have is on my slave drive which i created before but it was not called C: and now it is,
So just to recap im using two harddrives the one with windows has all the startup files and everything on it but it has been created as G: , the other drive (slave) has got a small partition which i created before but has took the C: drive letter for some reason. Can i just swap the drive letters so windows becomes C: drive as per usual, or will this cause problem and is this at all possible...
Thanks sorry i confused the issue


Best choice probably to live with it. It doesn't do any harm if the system drive is named G:

There is a way to change the drive letters. It is risky and it involves a lot of registry editing.

dee dee

OSNN Junior Addict
Yep i think i'll leave it, it was only when i put a couple of registry tweaks on, like adding notepad to the right click start menu that i noticed the paths were set wrong in the registry and caused them to fail. Just edited the paths in registry and all worked.
Yes i will just leave it.
Thanks for the help


The Voices Talk to Me
Well you could use Partiton Magic, but as the others have said it is a VERY touchy program when dealing with the OS drive and can cause many problems. Your better off leaving it alone till you do your next full format.

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