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Windows networking f*cked


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I gave my friend a 100% working computer, with novell on it because that it what his school's network uses. After he installed a coupe of spyware stuff, the internet doesn't work! I did a system restore but no luck. What should I check? The computer doesn't seem to be talking to the network at all...


COmputer is running latest novell with windows xp (no sp1)

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its obviously that spyware thats ****ed it up. im not sure what to do as ive never thoroughly used novell.

all i can say is do a clean install but thats not too much help:rolleyes:


If he is not using the computer at school, but at home using a regular internet connection, he needs to uninstall Novell. IPX is not an internet protocol, and by adding other software that may use the internet, it could have corrupted something that would normally not be affected if it were connected to a Novell network.


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Does the school's network require logging in on a certain webpage before browsing the internet? I'm a student worker for my university's network, and spyware often keeps students from getting online (especially CommonName). If you haven't uninstalled the spyware, get AdAware or SpyBot S&D and get rid of all that stuff. Another option is to do a system restore if you have some recent restore points that were created before the problem began. A bit more info might help, such as known spyware that was installed.


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I tried to system restore, no cigar. He installed edonkey which i think installed all the spy ware. Please no complete format! please! Any other suggestions?


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Have you removed the spyware yet? Do so if you haven't. How does he connect to the network? Is there any authentication needed or is it just an "always-on" connection? Is the computer pulling an IP from the network? Go to the command prompt and enter "ipconfig" to see if he's getting an IP, subnet, and gateway. It's important to first figure out if the computer is even recognizing that it's connected to the network.

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