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Windows Messenger problem



A friend has an XP computer, cable Internet, on a router. When I try to send a file to him over Messenger, the moment he clicks 'accept', his messenger just disappears off the desktop and the systray. If he tries to re-open messenger, it fails to do so until he reboots. All other computers on the router work fine, Windows Messenger can send and receive files no problem. This problem has been going on for awhile now. I did a repair install of XP on his computer for an unrelated problem. It fix the unrelated problem but the Windows Messenger problem remains. I checked his version of Windows Messenger and it was 4.7, so I upgraded it to 5.0. It's doing the same thing. I think he installed the latest version of MSN Messenger since then and is having the same problem with that as well. I'm pretty baffled. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
I had a similar problem, every time I tried to connect with video it would close on me. I can't be that helpful because I don't remember what I did to fix it, but just double check that the download directory exists first. And just for fun, run the audio tuning wizard.

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