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Windows Messenger ICS Ports

Electronic Punk

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Deleted em all earlier while sorting my dads computer out and jhaven't been able to find them :(

Was wondering if someone could post theirs below as I am unable to connect now! :(

Need the msmsgs info from this tab.

Can't get on messenger and it's driving me potty :S

< Can't get on messenger and it's driving me potty >

yup i have the same, very annoying, and very strange, i life in holland and a guy who lives in same town as me his msn is working, it says server not available or something like that, but when i check the server for msn they available and online : ( grrrr this is going on for allready 2 days and with yahoo and icq i can login well hope it get better soon, maybe it have something to do i tried msn 5.0 and uninstalled it later and use my old one again, maybe the new one changed some settings ?
if it is tommorow still not working i put back my ghost image.



Mmm this is what i saw on msn page, they got some problems

Service Status

Last updated: 11/21/2002 - 7:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Service Current Status

.NET Messenger Service Minor difficulties

.NET Voice Service All systems go

.NET Messenger Service

Some users may experience problems signing in to the service. If you are currently signed in, some features may not be available, such as the ability to receive the latest information on your tabs or sign up with a voice service provider. We are working to fix these issues and apologize for the inconvenience.

lol never fiddle me friend :D

Electronic Punk

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If someone could enable ICS and take a screengrab of their settings (should ahve the default msmsgs settings there), it would be of great help to me !

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