Windows Media Player Problem


To whom it may concern
22 Jun 2002
When I am looking at a video, and I move the Seek bar, sometimes the video gets to where it is going in fast motion. This happens if I move the seek bar more than once, and if I only move it once it is fine. Someone told me it is either my computer or my video card that can not keep up with the framerate of the video.

I have a 3.0GHz P4 and a 6600GT... I don't see how I could be falling short of the power I need. Is it because I am running at 1600x1200?

Is there anyway to fix this? Are there any media player alternatives that are worth downloading?
I have had this problem also, unfortunately I do not know the cause, although I very much doubt it is a lack of power on your part.
I can usually solve this problem by using a different mediaplayer.

1. try updating your codecs, your directshow filter.
2. try using alternate players. (zoomplayer. videolan, WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc) Winamp is a good alternative player.

Strange as it sounds, I use an updated Mediaplayer classic lots of times and it works well also.

Seldom does the problem occur if multiple players, unless it is a codec or directshow filter problem.

Wish I could be more specific in my help, but I never wasted the time trying to track down the problem...I just moved on and tried different players until I got things to work.
Yeah the problem is mostly like a codec or player problem as LPDad suggested. Also is it just one video thats acting up or one type of video? It could be part of the video got corrupted and is causing your problem.

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