Windows Media Player 11 - Cannot Connect to XM Radio Online


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5 Apr 2002
Every morning while I am working I like to listen to XM Radio through Windows Media Player. This has worked wonderfully since version 10.

However, two days ago I tried connecting to XM Radio Online through WMP 11 and I receive the following message: "Error Contacting Service. Please try again later."

Finding this rather odd I navigated to the XM web site and tried through IE7 and I didn't have any problems.

Could someone with a XM account and WMP11 please verify if this is affecting all users or just me?

Thank you.


I also tried connecting to XM Radio Online from my Vista (WMP11) box. Same error message.
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You are not alone - found multiple links with peeps having same issue.

Seems for once WMP is not at fault, it's XMs deal for now. I am still trying to find a link where someone fixed it locally - but right now it looks like it's XM's issue.


I did notice just now that it looks like a new version of WMP is available for DL

File dated November 10th... ;)
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Shakes: The file is dated 11/10 but the build is the same. Thanks for the other links. Good to see you around again.
This issue has been resolved. XM updated their code and you are able to load it within WMP 11.

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