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Windows Media Player 11 - Cannot Connect to XM Radio Online


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Every morning while I am working I like to listen to XM Radio through Windows Media Player. This has worked wonderfully since version 10.

However, two days ago I tried connecting to XM Radio Online through WMP 11 and I receive the following message: "Error Contacting Service. Please try again later."

Finding this rather odd I navigated to the XM web site and tried through IE7 and I didn't have any problems.

Could someone with a XM account and WMP11 please verify if this is affecting all users or just me?

Thank you.


I also tried connecting to XM Radio Online from my Vista (WMP11) box. Same error message.
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You are not alone - found multiple links with peeps having same issue.


Seems for once WMP is not at fault, it's XMs deal for now. I am still trying to find a link where someone fixed it locally - but right now it looks like it's XM's issue.


I did notice just now that it looks like a new version of WMP is available for DL


File dated November 10th... ;)
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Shakes: The file is dated 11/10 but the build is the same. Thanks for the other links. Good to see you around again.

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