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Windows Media Player 10





This is definitely media player 10 released 22nd April 2004 by MS to testers. Been using it for some time but it’s not really stable and has lots of bugs which if you use any of the plugins for 9 (which also had loads of bugs still unresolved) are annoying. I take the view however that this is getting nearer and nearer to the industry recording institutes views and aspirations (a bit late now) and will have the ability to spot illegal sound files on your machine. That is if Microsoft has the nerve to implement it fully, which would almost certainly lead to a mass move away from media player and possibly XP or NT related systems for the home user.

If you have downloaded mpg’s on your machine with no licence media player 10 will flag then all, so convert them to wmf (files) which are more efficient anyway.

I like the little bar graphic meter on the bottom task bar but as was the case in the past all your play lists have to be re-located again and the “pops and clicks” have returned under certain circumstances. This is a long way away from being on par with 9 except for a smaller memory footprint and less resources. However you still can’t open two separate instances of the application as you could with the Win 95/98 version to enable you both to view and play three or four records simultaneously or cut and fade between different songs. This was supposed to be one of the original reasons for introducing 32bit apps. MS seems to have forgotten this. Crossfading does not address this issue.

Well that’s my view so far.
:) :) :)

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
muzikool said:
For me, this new version starts up quicker... so that's a positive thing.
Yes, apart from look changes, I also find it faster to load/open, but I must admit that I don't use WMP9 very often, instead I usually use JetAudio 6 Pro ;)

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