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Windows Media Center and Domains


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Not sure how many here may run with XP media center, but anyone that does and who runs with domains for their networking will find that they can ONLY join a domain during setup. :eek:

I missed this during my install because there was no network present during setup!

I have since found there is a hack for this situation. I am about to try the hack. If and when it works I shall post a link for it here.

In the meantime - has anyone else here made this change?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
I would be interested in the solution as my cousin has a media center PC at work (GM dealership) and he can't join the domain since the PC has media center. He has to dual boot with XP Pro in order to join the domain.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
MFG --

Did you read this KB over at Microsoft?


Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 does not support a scenario where you join your computer to a domain. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is designed as the foundation for a premier home entertainment system. Media Center lets you share Media Center content with other locations in the home by using Media Center Extender devices. Media Center Extender devices require concurrent connections, and these connections are available only through the Fast User Switching component. Therefore, the domain join functionality in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 is disabled.
Furthmore (older versions of MCE)...

In earlier versions of Media Center, a scenario where you join your computer to a domain is supported. If you upgrade to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 from an earlier version of Media Center that is joined to a domain, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 will retain the domain status and credentials. If you remove the computer from the domain to enable Fast User Switching for use with a Media Center Extender, the computer will not be able to rejoin the domain.

Note You may still be able to use Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to access domain resources that are shared on the network. You can do this if the shared resource does not require that your computer is a member of the domain.
MCE is built on XP Professional but lacks the networking capabilities that XP Professional has.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yes - I read this and more - including the hack to reenable the crippled MCE to join a domain - when I have done this I shall post here how it is done.... ;) :cool:


Bow Down to the King
Political User
I should have assumed you read it, I know you and your facts checking!

This hack should be an interesting trick if it works.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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I wonder why microsoft attaches such a priority to joining domains that they would disable the function in an os that has the ability

Electronic Punk

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Like I said, quite happy to let this one happen. I imagine you are the kinda guy that has XP Pro lying around anyway, so all you are doing is saving yourself the trouble of having to dual boot if you want to use Media Center and have a domain machine.

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