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windows management instrumentation causing sp1 to not install??



hi there guys.
i think i have not been able to install sp1 because my windows management instrumentation software isnt working, dont know why it isnt because everything its on but when i load system information it says that it cannot access the windows management instrumentation software. Windows Managemente files may be moved or missing.
and i think i cannot install sp1 because of this, it needs this one to be ok to check the key, right?
sure hope someone could help with this one without having to reinstall xp
thanks so much guys


Have you tried running system file checker? Just go to a run dialog box and type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes and make sure you have a space between sfc and the /. You will also need your XP install disk in the CD drive. Good Luck


thanks for replyin so fast, but unfortunetaly i had already tried that and it didnt work out :(


Is the WMI service started?

Start > Run > services.msc > Windows Management Instrumentation ...
Is it started? Its startup type should be Automatic

Can you connect to your WMI?

Start > Run > wmimgmt.msc > Right Click WMI Control (local) > Properties...
It will connect to your WMI.

Have you checked your WMI Logfiles @ C:\WINDOWS\system32\WBEM\Logs\ You can set you logging settings from the properties of WMI Control (local).

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar


yep enufsaid
i can do all that, although i didnt knew that one about wmimgmt.msc, it connects me to wmi
but i think that you probably hit the bullseye, when you talk about the wmi control (local) properties, when i choose that it appears on the screen

failed to initalize all required wmi classes

Win32_Processor: Interface: class not registered
Win32_WMISetting: Successful
Security Information: Successful
Win32_OperatingSystem: Interface: Class not registered

i hope you understand something about this, because i sure dont
and i hope something can be done without havin to reinstall :)

thanks so much


thanks so much again willem
for the wonderful insight
after i installed the patch
all remained the same :(
but on the event viewer
wmi started giving this error

Failed to load MOF C:\WINDOWS\System32\wbem\iiswmi.mof while recovering repository file.

any clue about this?

and you mentioned repair / reinstall
youre talking about the same thing
or is it really possible to do a repair on xp withou having to reinstall to all deal?

cant thank you enough :)


Hi Bystander,

I'm sorry to say I'm having a hard time with your problem. I know there is a M$ download called "wmicore.exe." Its a 6+ MB download, but I can't seem to find it at M$.

Have you tried the following M$ article:

INFO: Tips on WMI Driver Testing


If that doesn't work, I'm afraid you'll have to do a "repair" installation. If you boot your WinXP CD, a "repair" should be one of the options you will be provided with.

Kind regards and good luck with you troubles,
Willem Moolenaar


i dont know what to tell you willem, i think i solved the problem by installing wmi snmdp or something (sorry cant remember righty now :)
that i saw that i didnt had installed on the add/remove programas, windows component sections :)
all i know is that it went to get some files on the xp cd, and dont know why, sp1 installed :)
who will ever understand m$ right? ;)
again willem, thanks so much for your patience, youre an all right guy :)
hope to talk to you in the future
stay safe in the meantime ;)


Hi Bystander,

Glad to see you got it all worked out. I was struggeling with this one too, mate. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar



Just wanted to update this thread with the following...

If you edit your sysoc.inf (system optional components, in your windows/inf folder) you will find an entry in there refering to WMI:


Remove the "HIDE" word from that line, go to add/remove programs > windows components, and you will see an entry for WMI. Uncheck it, to remove it, and then reinstall it bij checking the box again.

Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar

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