Windows is messed up.. Please help


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i would say the defalt windows font has been changed to something like windings?

have you done a full virus scan?


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You try just changing the color scheme in "appearances"?

Use this entered into the RUN command to bring up the appearance tab.
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,2
You changed the default Windows font setting. That sucks, not sure how to set that back, try playing around in the System Manager, if not just format.


That's not Wingdings, that's Marlett.ttf - the font used to display windows elements like the min, max and close buttons. This one should never be choosable in any font list.
Can you go to Display Properties - Appearance - Advanced and try to change the menu font to something else.

Did you do any changes related to fonts or more generally asked what did you do before the problem appeared?


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omnpge00 said:
all fonts were deleted by some virus or somehting.. im reformatting... thankx guys
Yah reformatting is the best way to fix that. I never seen anything like that before. It is strange to say the least.


Can't you just restore the fonts from your Windows cd?

Insert the cd into the drive, open a command window and
(assuming E: is your cd drive and Windows is installed in C:\Windows - otherwise adjust)
type :
expand E:\i386\*.tt_ C:\Windows\Fonts /r
press Enter
expand E:\i386\*.fo_ C:\Windows\Fonts /r
press Enter

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