Windows Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 (5346.5)

That and the Mozilla/Firefox fanboi's, a la Apple fanboi's, believe their preferred app can do no wrong :cool:
I wasen't really comparing, but saying at the moment I'm with Mozilla, maybe that will change maybe it wont.

Yea, is anyone else having problems with the tabs, I don't have a tab bar, or anything??
I had a chance to use this today for a bit, and was very impressed. Overall the browser is much more refined, the buttons and GUI look much cleaner and nicer. The biggest improvement IMO, is the speed. Holy cow what an improvement, I was blown away!

Anyone seen any differences on memory usage for this build, compared to the previous betas?
memory usage is abit smaller yes..

I like how people are egnoring my question... hmm

Here is what I get, even with tabs open
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Post a screenshot of your fluke no tabbedness :smoker:
Don't speak to me in that tone, you edited your post and it wasn't there before :)

That sucks for you, I don't have it on this PC so I can't really help. Can't install it at work :s
B, can you drag the toolbar over? You probably tried that but it is in the wrong spot (right where the tabs should be).

Also, under Internet Options, Tabs, Settings (click "Restore Defaults"), make sure they are enabled.
I can only drag the File, Edit...etc menu, and the Links Menu.... nothing else moves or appears.
Right click the toolbar and make sure it isn't locked. Also go to the "Customize Command Bar" and make sure that isn't locked.
disable the classic toolbar, um, ry to disable the tab bar (in the options), close the browser then enable it, see what happens
Go into Tools > Internet Options... On the General tab click the Settings button for tabs and make sure 'Enable Tabbed Browsing' is ticked.
if you read up, I was already told to go there and make sure its set to default, and if I did that, I'm sure it's enabled.
Did you have IE7 B2 Preview installed prior to this version?
Bman™ said:
if you read up, I was already told to go there and make sure its set to default, and if I did that, I'm sure it's enabled.

Have you tried un-installing completely and then re-installing the app?

You probably have but it just seems like the weirdest bug.

Alternatively, there might be some other app that has either interfered with the install or is messin with IE when it runs.

Have you tried calling the free helpdesk thinger?

Fwiw, I really like the "updates". It doesn't look like something my 3rd grade nephew put together lol.
Yeah that's a good call, since they are offering free support you might as well try that too :)

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