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Windows Installer on Win XP Home Ed.



Every time I try to run applications like Microsoft Money 2001 or Microsoft word or Excel, Windows Installer tries to reinstall the Product.

I get the propmts:

"Windows is preparing to install Microsoft Money 2001."

"Please wait while Windows Configures Microsoft Money 2001."

Then it asks me to insert the application disk.

This just started happening, it has never happened before, and I can't think of anything I've done with the OS (Windows XP Home Ed. ) to cause this.

I've tried reinstalling the apps, and ran a scnadisk for errors.

What's going on with this OS?

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Does it happen after you have

1/ cleaned the registry?

2/ removed junk files?

If so that is where the problem is. Look closer at what is being removed.
Well, if you install as administrator and login as a different user then it will do that because it has to install profile specific components.

Perris Calderon

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you might be mistaking the shortcut icon for the insyallation icon

in the programs menue, right click on the app, and when you find the shortcut icon, send it to the desktop


Install on first use

That should be an easy one to fix, I see it all the time at work. When you have the default install of an Office Product, it doesn't install all the extra features, so it's set to install on first run. Using the Help function is a good example of that. Reinstalling the app isn't going to do anything except bring you back to where you already were. Uninstall Office (that's what I'm assuming you're using), restart your computer, then reinstall Office through Add/Remove Programs. Like Un4gIvEn1 said, there's profile specific components, it's a good rule of thumb that if you have multiple logins, use Add/Remove Program to install/uninstall programs instead of just double-clicking the setup.exe file. Plus it's a MCSE test question;). Yeah, the autorun function will run, so just close it then run the install. Right before you click on Install, click on My Computer and select the Run All from My Computer option. I attached a screenshot so you know what the heck I'm talking about. This puts the full version of Office on your computer so it won't ever look for the DATA.MSI file again to verify the key.
You can also try this if you do have the original installation cd, put that in the drive next time you run Office, and after Windows Installer runs and verifies it, see if they start up normally without the cd.
This just started happening, it has never happened before, and I can't think of anything I've done with the OS (Windows XP Home Ed. ) to cause this.
I'm pretty sure you've done a Windows Update recently or you have it set to automatically squawk to M$'s site. That or a service pack would do it


Thanks, big man, this seemed to do the trick! Your Education paid off!

Followed your instructions, and took care of the Microsoft Office Problem.

Think it also took care of the Money too.

Appreciate all your help. It would have taken me years to figure out this smart Operating system....

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