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Windows In Linux Natively


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why? Most Gnu/open source software is better than windows based junk. The only software package I actually prefer is Office, openOffice is still a little shaky and not fully compatible.

So can you run viruses in wine? :D


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LOL, just run VMWARE under Linux and install Windows that way if you can afford VMWARE. I'd try and stick to Linux software if you could.
Check out the project status. If this is the same article posted on /., the status is like 0%.

Typically of me, I haven't read the article/link to know for sure :)
Xie said:
Question though, wouldn't this make that Linux box 100% Windows virus compatible as well? :rolleyes:
not neceisarrily. Outlook may still be vounerable to worms, but IIS intrusions wouldn't happen becuase no one would chose to run that over apache on a *nix box. Also, if someone did manage to execute a virus, chances are it will be looking to do some damage to c:\windows\ or the like, which wouldn't exist. Even if the compatibility layer managed to transltate all those calls to linux type calls, the better memory protections *SHOULD* keep us in the clear.

Lets just remember coders... make sure the buffer can hold what you are inserting :)

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