Windows has recovered from a Serious ERROR



For the first time I got a Blue screen error saying windows is shuttting itself down...Check any new hardware of software installed error 0x00000076.

Then it happened again a few hours later. I have not installed any new hardware or software.

After restarting I got this error Windows has recovered from a serious error....I attached a screenshot ....What do I do Please Help



Is the screen shot you have as far as you can go or is the system working ok now? Did you click on the view tech info on this error?
Could be a problem with your sound card, I checked out several other boards and this error is not uncommon, but I did notice that a great many of the people had the same sound card as you, as well as the same video card - combo of the two could be the prob? Get the latest drives for both, make sure they are not sharing an IRQ etc. If I should find further info I will do another post.
Good luck


Thanks Sage,
The system is running, I have all the windows updates I Deleted the minidump files as you have suggested but i cant seem to locate WER2.tmp.dir00\sysdata.xml do you know where it si?
I am about to go to the soundblaster site to see if my Audigy soundcard has an Update.


9 Dec 2001
That little file is one of many that windows uses when in operation, but the user cannot see, a bit like the temporary internet files (not the ones in the 'Temporary Internet Files' folder). There won't be much hope of you finding them either, i've tried.
Sysdata.xml is a file that is created specifically to contain information about your system and/or any problems and will be sent to MS if you select 'Send' after a system error.

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