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Windows graphics wanted: Turn off dialog

Where can I find the graphics Windows uses for Turn Off, Restart and Suspend/Hibernate? Including the mouseover ones, please.

I attached an image for those of you who don't know what I mean:


The pictures of the shutdown dialogue are in msgina.dll, Bitmap 20140 to 20150.
The pictures of the logoff dialogue, although some of them are identically, are retrieved from shell32.dll, Bitmap 14351 to 14356.

Do you want to change the pictures? msgina.dll can only be replaced from the recovery console. No go in safe mode.
Originally posted by scriptasylum
Future reference: Since you already took a screenshot of those images already, just crop each image and you have your buttons! :)
I know, but I wanted to know if there where some readymade buttons, but I managed to find them with the help of yoyo.

here's a screenshot of what I created, it's an HTML file on my Active Desktop and each button works. When I hover over Turn Off, the button lightens up and when I click it, the computer shuts down etc.:

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