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WINDOWS folder ends up in trash


OSNN Junior Addict
very odd
occasionaly after I empty my trash bin
it...well..it empties everything, yet, adds the WINDOWS folder
occasionaly i'll see that the trashbin is full
and ill hit- empty trash to see the msg WINDOWS can not be deleted

so yeah, i'll try and keep an eye on it and find out exactly when its doing this..but as for now thats about all i got

WinXP Pro
You are running either Morpheus, Kazaa, or Grokster

What is happening is you have a movie or song being previewed/playedd in one of those forementioned apps. but after the full download of the movie/song you deleted it..but it is still being previewed/played...even if it is stopped

The movie/song is still in the buffer which is located in windows..and the buffer is locked into the actual full file download..so it can't be deleted...close the app completely then do a empty recycle bin and it will work



Qumahlin, you're GOOD, dude. Now I know who to go to when problems arise in my XP.

The cheezman


OSNN Junior Addict
hmm sounds like a great explanation
but i have none of those on my computer
i did have morpheus, but only for 2 days, then i removed it...it has happened after the removal of morpheus
If you don't use morpheus/kazaa/grokster or any program that has a preview then you have a major problem

the only time the windows folder will end up in the trash like that is if you have deleted a file that is still buffered...check any programs you might have running at the time and just kill your unnecessary processes one by one till you find the culprit program.

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