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Windows Firewall


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I have a Dell XPS420 and the os is Vista Premium. I am at present running the Windows Firewall plus the firewall on my router. I have tried Comodo and I believe McAfee was pre installed. I have removed both of these programmes.

I have just had a look on the security centre and under Firewalls I checked what Firewalls are running and it shows three. Comodo McAfee and Windows. I can't understand this as I thought I had uninstalled the 2 third party progs. Does this mean that in all I have four firewalls running. If so how do I delete the ones I do not want. Thanks in anticipation.

Dark Atheist

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look in the control panel - admin tools - services , see if the firewalls are in there if so it should be a case of disabling them (although this should have been done and deleted when you uninstalled them) and deleting the services :)


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Hi Carpo, thanks for the quick response, had a look in services neither are there. Had a look in registry and found Comodo in the route file but it would not allow me to remove. Could not find anything relating to McAfee.

Dark Atheist

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run Hijackthis! or any other tool that allows you to control what starts up and what dont, that normally removes things that regedit wont allow me to remove :)

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