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Windows Explorer


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I have noticed that when i go into explorer, its in the same view, not full screen, and i can't seem to make it stay so that when it opens its fullscreen. How do I do so?

There is also some files that are in properties set to hidden (which I want) but they aren't hidden. Why is this?


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Thank you very much, simple but not known very well.

How about this....there is a folder "AppData" that comes up automaticly, and it says its Hidden, but its not. How do I hide that?

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By default it should be hidden so maybe folder options have been adjusted. At the top of explorer window click on Organize then select Folder and Search options. You then want to select the view tab.


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The corrent ones are selected, but still its not hidden?

This is only like that if I right click on the start menu and go to explorer, if i go from the shortcut in Control Panel its not there....

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