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for some reason, i can't get my windows explorer views in xp to stay the way i set them individually. i've done the obvious i think in folder options, but for example i can't get my music folder to stick at "details", instead it goes to list. other folders like my photos stays the way i want it to with thumbnails, but some are screwy. suggestions?


Open regedit, go to


right click an empty spot in the right pane, choose new - DWORD
name it BagMRU Size and give it a value of 00000fa0

Repeat these steps at


This will tell Windows to remember the settings for 4000 folders instead of the default 400.

If you don't want to increase it that high 1000 = 000003e8 , 2000 = 000007d0 , 3000 = 00000bb8


This is still a problem, I've tried both things you guys have posted. My Docs seems to always find it's way back to the Icons view, and My Music is at list. I especially want My Music at details, and with my added columns such as bitrate. I'll set them that way, and they just won't stick. Funny because I've re-formatted numerous times over the years & it's always been fine. I'm probably being anal, but it's annoying!

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See if this does the job>

* Open Windows Explorer.
* Navigate to the folder which you wish to optimize & highlight it.
* In "Details" mode right-click the bar at the top which displays the names of the attribute columns.
* Uncheck any that are unwanted/unneeded.

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Good grief Charlie Brown
Came across this in my tweakl folder. Have a read & see if you have tried this way or not.

How to set the folders and make them stick
To make the folder settings stay, there are two methods,

A) One is to delete the two registry entries (after backing them up).

B) Another is to add the entry "BagMRU Size" and set it to a value greater than 400 that is the default
Go to:-
and add a DWORD called
BagMRU Size
and give it a value of
Then go to :-
make a DWORD called
BagMRU Size
and give it a value of

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