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Windows Explorer probs

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Help my windows explorer keeps telling me theres a problem.
I open something like My Pictures then close it.A few minutes later the message comes up to tell me theres a prob and has to close then my taskbar disappears and reappears.
I've checked for a virus but none are found,what can it be???
It's rather annoying :mad:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Loaded any new software/hardware? Could try a system restore. Might be the start of some software/hardware failing. Only guessing.
Do you mean that windows “explorer” for viewing files and folders is giving you this message or that “explorer.exe” has done something wrong and caused an error?
This is a core part of XP and uses many services all of which can cause problems, which makes the de-bugging of this error difficult unless you can post the exact error message?
:) :) :)


this subject has been extensively hashed out b4...Plz do a search for "Explorer"....this will give you the links to read...


Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Yes Boss :D
I did search ... Found over 900 but most had nothing to do with my question :confused: So I gave in after about 6 pages :p
What ever it was has now stopped on its own anyway :rolleyes:


Originally posted by Evil Marge

What ever it was has now stopped on its own anyway :rolleyes:
Sorry to say, it will probably be back. I've had this same problem for quite awhile now. M$ has not offered any good fix for this problem either. XP is not as solid or stable as I originally though. It worked good until I started installing programs. :rolleyes:

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