Windows Explorer: How do you force what folder it opens up to?


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I remember back on my old computer, whenever I opened up Windows Explorer, it would open up to My Documents... thats the way I want it. Right now though it's opening up to the root of my C drive. Are there any ways that I can make it so that when I open Windows Explorer, it will automatically open up to My Documents?


Windows XP explorer switches
Switch Result
/n Opens a new single-pane Window for the default selection.
This is usually the root of the drive on which Windows is installed.
/e Starts Windows Explorer using its default view.
/e, <object> Starts Windows Explorer using its default view with the focus on the specified folder.
/root, <object> Opens a window view of the specified object.
/select, <object> Opens a window view with the specified folder, file or
program selected.

Hope this helps


Right click WE icon, then properties, then shortcut, then in the Target field: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e, c:\Net

Of course change the C:\Net to whatever dir you want it to open to.