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Windows Deployment


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I have a friend that has asked me to upgrade his computers at his business. He has asked for Windows XP Home and Office Basic 2003 to be installed on 15 workstations. I've been searching for multipule licencing packages and the only thing I can find are the packages of 3. Is there a better way to do this and what do I need? Thanks for your help.

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If it was me I would buy 15 (Windows XP home w/sp2 oem) from

Here for $89.99 each

and (office 2003 basic oem)

Here for $165.00 each

This site has the best prices I've seen for awhile.

The questions I would ask.

1>What do the systems run now (OS, Office version)?

2>Can you install fresh?

3>Will the business need any info from the old systems?

4>Do you need to migrate settings,mail,files or whatever?

5>Are they networked and have an internet connection?

If the business needs any of the info I would set a system back in the corner somewhere with all important info on it for there later use.

I would also backup all files to some form of disk (Twice) before I started and maybe do only 5 systems at a time.
when one is setup you could migrate the setting to the others.

The most important thing is to protect there info (Backup everything twice) and explain that oem software has no free support from microsoft.


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Thanks for replying.

There is a middle man between me and the client and the middle man is taking me to the client tomorrow.

1. From what I understand, the computers have a mixed range of W95, W98, W98SE. The last time he upgraded his computers it was gradual, two to five computers at a time.

2. Right now, I'm assuming they will all be fresh installs.

3. It's an insurance company that connects to an AS400. All customer information is routed to the AS400. I'm not going to save any personal data on the old systems unless he tells me otherwise.

4. I'll have to get back with you on that one.

5. Networked by a lan workgroup with a shared internet connection through a NT 4.0 Server. This is were the backups will be going. If not I'll set the system aside.

Newegg sells Office and XP in packages of 3. It will save me a little but what I'm more interested in is the MS Volume Licensing that is available. From what I understand the Open License value or volume is what I can use. It's becoming a pain trying to find someone over the internet that has displayed prices for volume licenses.

Any MCSE's out there with experience with volume licensing? I would love to get some input from you.

I'll have more info tomorrow. Thanks again.
I tried checking out some pricing for you and it really does seem like that information is kept pretty well hidden. Although, I'm not sure if you can purchase Windows XP home in volumes. But like I said, I found very little information from what you've already found and I'm somewhat lazy so I gave up fast. Sorry.
Windows XP Home in an office? I wouldn't recommend it. You really should go with XP Pro, especially if there is any talk of every going with a server or growing. Wasted money. And, the only way you are going to find XP Home in volume is by buying OEM backs for redistribution... which you can't do unless you are a Microsoft OEM partner. You can however purchase XP Pro in volume under VLK model.

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Un4gIvEn1 said:
Windows XP Home in an office? I wouldn't recommend it. You really should go with XP Pro, especially if there is any talk of every going with a server or growing.
I agree, XP Home doesnt support domains.


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I understand that XP Home doesn't support domains, but it's not my decision. If the customer wants XP Home the customer gets XP Home. However, I might be able to convince him otherwise. I agree, XP Home doesn't work very well for business applications. That is if there is a benefit for purchasing an XP Pro VLK model such as the Open Volume or Open Value. I'm compiling a comparison of prices between XP Home, XP Pro, and W2K for the customer. What I've been trying to find out is if any of you have any experience in purchasing any of the VLK models. Some of the sites that I've found have prices but it's hard to determine which model I need. Level A, Level B, or Level C and what the levels represent? I was going to call some of the distributors today but I didn't get up until 6pm. Damn Counter-Strike.

If it was my office every one would get W2k, it's cheaper than XP Pro even though it's only by a few dollars. Other than the GUI, it's capable of doing the same things. This company wouldn't benefit from Fast User Switching because everyone is using their own workstation. Thank you again and I appreciate your help.

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