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Windows - Delayed Write Failed



Windows - Delayed Write Failed

Is anyone seeing this message? I have just recently re-installed WinXP. I also have two hard drives connected to my PC in a Non-Raid configuration because the drives are both of different capacities. WinXP was installed on drive C: and Drive D: is used as a file backup drive. There was nothing on Drive D: until I started using it for file backup. As I was downloading a rather large file I kept seeing this balloon in the system tray saying the same windows error over and over. Also, I must add that I installed Norton Internet Security on the C: drive, and until I did this the error was not there. I find it hard to believe that Norton is causing this error. I guess it's possible, though. Any ideas, or know of any fixes, or having this or had this same problem guys? Any replies, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance...


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Try doing a google for 'error Windows - Delayed Write Failed'. It seems to be a problem but as yet those experiencing it have found no fix for it. Also do a search on 'Q321733'. Microsoft has a fix for windows 2000 but not xp. :(


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Actually man, I've been on google researching the problem, appreciate your reply though. This problem seems to be inherent with mobos with the VIA chipset. It also seems to be on AMD based systems and not Intel (P4) based systems. I guess I'm not the only one seeing this error. I just came from a forum where there was endless complaining about this problem, one reply from a VIA tech, and no solution as of yet. I will keep searching, and if you, or anyone else finds, or knows of an immediate solution, please post back to this post please. Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated...


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