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Windows defender vs. Spybot S&D


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Asked this question in the Windows defender/OneCare thread, but thought it should have its own thread. So here it is again:
Been using Spybot S&D for quite some time, and been generally happy with it. How would you compare it to Windows Defender? Do you recommend me to switch to WD? Maybe use both?


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Use them all, some of the programs dont catch certian things. With those two you listed i also use A-squared and ccleaner. Last night i got a trojan that S&D and WD didnt find. But the other two took care of the problem.


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I don't think ccleaner is in the same class as Spybot and WD, as it only cleans files it's not a detector of spyware/malware/virii.

Windows Defender is still in beta, but I think it's a solid product. Technokid is right though, you are best to use more than one tool. I use WD which provides real-time protection, and if I have a serious infection I would use a secondary tool.
i find that windows defender can slow down the system, and also cant remove as much spyware on the systems that i see. i find spybopt great but its not real time protection


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You can't compare Windows Defender to Spybot, as it's in Beta. Those who prefer it are entitled to their opinion, but it's not a level playing ground to those apps that are in RTM :)

What leads you to believe it slows down your system? Do you find some of the executables taking up excessive RAM/CPU usage?

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