Windows Default Browser Choice?



I use Avant to browse the internet however, when I use Windows Update IE6 starts rather than Avant. Is there any way to change this?



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i'm not sure that there is, i think windows update will always use ie, unless you open avant + then type in windows update address, rather than just clicking the windows update button.


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its the way that Windows sort of plugs into MSIE that sorts out some of the windows update stuff. Also the Windows Update software is only written to work with MSIE, this is possibly to prevent other operating systems from downloading windows updates, though I not sure what effect that would have

Perris Calderon

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I'm sure I can't figure that one out...though I'll venture a guess.

whatever avant did to change the skin, the deleted a dll that they thought was useless...that's my best guess


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...or perhaps a change in the browser's user agent? Not sure how WU detects whether the browser is IE or not.
Of course, it wouldn't work with browsers that don't support ActiveX, but that's doesn't apply here.