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Windows Deactivation

Electronic Punk

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Just got the following Private Message:
Hi EP,
I have purchased XP Home Edition from a chap who had problems with the hardware on his PC.
I am now the owner of the product, but cannot get it activated, as MS tell me. (that it has not been DEactivated)
The former owner has got rid of XP on his PC.
Please can you throw some light on this, as I have only 25 days left to activate it.

Felt I should post the reply here, as I feel this is an important issue. Firstly, you should be very careful when buying a second hand copy of WindowsXP - because of the activation.

Did you try phoning Microsoft, they have to be leanient with the product activation, or so the press release claimed, so you may have better luck phoning them, rahter than attempting to register online.

There are several things you can try, you cna get your friend (the chap) to reinstall XP, get him to phone Microsoft and have his version deactivated, tho I do not know if this is possible! Tho it must be, as it would mean that you would have to repurchase XP everytime you made over 5 hardware changes!

If he deactivates his version, then you should be able to activate as normal...
...there could be serious issues if you purchase a second hand copy over an online auction etc.

Another way that you could activate your copy of XP is by using the various tools that have appeared, you will have to search for these yourself, but if you feel you must, I suggest using the various search engine. This could be used illegally, so I am not going to help anymore there.

But I cannot stress enough, how careful you must be when purchasing a second hand copy.


but if u do use an illegal crack, it wouldn't really be illegal, beause u bought Windows XP legally, right?

Electronic Punk

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Its a difficult one to call, the software for bypassing activation is definatly illegal, as it would also allow people who haven't purchased WindowsXP - downloaded it or nicked the CD off a mate, to activate their product too.


Hi again EP,

Just so there are no misunderstandings regards my win XP. It is the original product as bought by the chap who I purchased it from. Not a copy or (crack) as I hear it described lol.
I have spoken to MS when I attempted to activate it, but they have informed me that before I can do this, it has to be deactivated, but did not say how, so I assumed that it would be in XP help somewhere, but not so.
If, as you suggest, that the original owner should reinstall, then I shall have to send it back to him, then he would have to return it to me. then I would have to reinstall again,etc etc.
Surely MS must have a way of telling that I now have the original programme, and could cancel the original owners activation by the product No that I have to punch in when I installed it?
I am not a computer whiz, but it would seem logical that MS have complete control over any XP registered prog.
I hope this helps with any further thoughts that you may have on this subject.
Thanks again.
PS. I would never attempt to use illegal material, and thats a fact.

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, I wasn't implying that you had an illegal version - and can completely imagining this situation happening.

I currently runa corporate version from the Bank of Scotland, so activation is not an issue for me, however I expect to get the home version of XP either tomorrow or the day after, so will hopefull be able to look into a little more then.

I put htis in here so other people could make suggestions, try going to google and searching for "WindowsXP activation" something that may help you is vey likely to appear.

Either of us should send an email to Microsoft and ask about product deactivation, its something I haven't heard of, but it is likely to exist - like I said, over 5 big hardware changes in6months and you have to reregister anyway!!

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