Windows crashing - Blue Screen


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20 Feb 2004
Looking for some advice I have a customers PC with the following Spec

Athlon 2600+
512 DDR 3200
Chaintech Apogeee
ATI Radeon 9500 128 Card
Windows XP Home

Graphics card has latest drivers for Windows XP from ATI and computer seems stable. Fom time to time however it blue screens with the STOP CODE
0X0000008e which I belive is related to an ATI Driver issue. This only happens when the customer uses the PC not me. From discussions with the customer it seems to happen only when he launches Kazaa Lite.

Does anyone know of a known conflict when using ATI cards with Kazaa Lite as I am at a loss at the moment and am almost resorting to trying to swap to a different graphics card either that or Kazaa Lite has to get binned.

Any responses gratefully received.
Try an older build of the ATI drivers, or try the Omega drivers. Also, try reinstalling KazaaLite.
Does the stop code list an ATi driver? If its display driver it usally does. Also complete (or as much as you can get) of the error code is helpful :)
usually the top part of the error helps the most... it tells you what has encountered the error...
prodj88 said:
wehn i first saw this thread title i was like whoa!! someone needs to update their OS
even XP has it's BSOD moments :(
they ought to make it a more fun colour. like green. that would be awesome.

"ah yeaahhh a green error, i fscking love microsoft!"
actually i think read they are adding the ability to change the apperance of the BSOD in "Longhorn"

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