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WINDOWS activation



hey pple!! is it true that windows can only be activated a limited number of times? i mean the original license which u and i paid for. is it true u can only activate windows with your key 3 times and it becomes like 'dead'? sorry thats what ive heard, im not totally sure
Dunno m8, I thought it only expires when you change enough "core components" which will require re-activation.

Can't believe even MS would try to rip people off to that extent :p.....lol no really!!!!!


Mr. Ass

omg that must be so annoying.... I probably would have paid for Windows XP if it just wasnt for wpa.... I change alot of stuff around and i feel it is wrong i have to call MS and ask them for permission before i can use their OS its bull so i got it other ways... If or when they dump wpa i'll shell down money for windows


NTFS Stoner
when it does say you cant activate online anymore, you ring the phone number, waste 10 mins reading out an endless code, to then wait 5 mins as the nice lady on the end of the phone reads you your activation code out.... such a lot of messing about... but there is no limit as the woman on the phone said, ring as many times as you want it's a legal copy.


So far I've been lucky and havent need to call to activate.:happy: Of course now that I've said that I'm sure next time it will make me call:huh:


XP pro requires activation
If it didnt ask you to activate then your using a corporate key. Which means that your probably using an illegal copy.


XP pro requires activation[/QUATE] cough. Yep you sure are using a dodgy cough version. Don't worry your not the only one, but don't talk about it in here please. As i got kicked for talking about that sort of stuff.


but for me im using windows xp home edition so i wanna know whether it can be activated more than 3 times. everywhere they are saying unlimited times but maybe coz they didnt know i am using home edition not prof.


OSNN Senior Addict
You can activate XP Home and Professional as many times as you want, it's just after a certain number of internet activations you have to ring MS up.


I reinstalled windows xp 13 or 14 times. You can activate it only three times from the internet and then you have to call MS. They keep asking me the how many computers do I have, I wonder if one day the get :mad: at me. Guess have to keep trying :p :p :p;)

Jason Roberts

I have installed Windows XP Home Edition onto my computer many times and have had NO problems activating my copy except one time when I would not connect to the net to activate so I had to call Microsoft Australia to activate. But after that no problems.
With regard to Windows activation, some of you may (or may not :p) find the following of interest....


This is the main element in the WPA. Disabling this, means you can't start the WPA again until you re-enable it again.

This is recommended only if you already activated your LEGAL copy of XP to prevent pesky re-activation notices following hardware swap-outs.

Whether your copy is one of Bill's own, The Devil's own, or one of yer mates :rolleyes:, it's worth disabling


It doesn't affect your WPA, but it does make it possible to check your registration data/details.

You can disable both of these through a nifty free utility; XP Antispy
I use after a fresh rebuild, and as the writers claim..
This utility was successfully tested by lots of users, and was found to disable all the known 'Suspicious' Functions in WindowsXP
1 more thing....make sure you renable the dll's before trying to apply any service packs etc. SP1 crashes the installation if these are disabled :eek:

Hope this helps :) :rolleyes:

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