Windows 98 unable to access anything online


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Dec 24, 2001
Hey guys,

We have been having some strange issues with Windows 98 [either FE or SE] and not able to connect to anything over the internet. We have had three customer's computers so far and all have had the same problem on each of them. I work for an internet service provider, and all of these computers can connect to the internet successfully, however they can not access websites, nor can they ping them at all.

We have tried the following steps to try and rectify this issue:

1) Deleted and recreated the connection with defaults.
2) Repaired the wsock32.dll file
3) Uninstalled and Reinstalled the TCP/IP Stack with Defaults

Still have had no luck regarding this issue. This is becomming common place, so I am pretty certain other people have had this issue before.

Any fixes?

Another thing is that when I want to install TCP/IP, it states that it's installing it from Windows 98 Second Edition CDRom... and yet it is not accessing the CD-Rom Drive. I am lead to believe that it is installing this from somewhere else on the hard drive, and when it is installing those files it is installing the problems as well. There is no place I can specify where to install the files from. How can I change where that is looking?

In addition, whenever we try to ping something, it appears that it isn't even accessing the network. As previously stated it connects fine... but it doesn't want to do anything beyond that.


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Jan 14, 2004
remake their connection, if that doesn't work. tell them to box up the computer and send it back to where they got if from. I work for an ISP also and if that doesn't work, have them bring it in to look at it personally if you have a tech shop.

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