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windows 98 help, system cleaning


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ok haven't worked on a windows 98 machine in forever and need some help.

I need to take a computer and clean pretty much everything off of it so it can only run one program.

It is not on the internet and never will be. It has windows 98 but don't tihnk about the se version.

I need a more detailed task manager so that I can see what's actually running on it. Also are there any cleaners that run on win 98 that will help me get the more indepth stuff off of the computer.

One last thing. I would like to make a back up of the computer before I do anything.
This is dredging up ancient memories but...

1). Back up is easy. Just image the disk to a partition on another FAT 32 drive. M$haft did not start making disk imaging hard until Win 2000 or Win XP when they started writing info to the Boot Sector to impede imaging. Ue the WD boot floppy.

2). You're mired in XP land. Everything 98 thinks does and says is in the text files - autoexec.bat, config.sys, and *.ini files (mainly win.ini). Just read the text file and take out the junk you don't want. Actually you can just comment it out. Check the files for comment lines, I think an * comments out a line.
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