Windows 95! loading up in safe mode


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14 Dec 2001
Has anyone any advice for an old ailing computer running Windows 95. Everytime the computer starts up it always goes into safe mode. I cannot see any problems within the control panel, I have reinstalled all the drivers that I have been using before and still no joy. I have not altered anything in windows either.

Is this a hardware problem or is this old computer on it's last legs?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
couple of things to try
look in the MSDOS.SYS file for a line that say 'BootSafe=1' set it to 0 (if its not there try adding it)

Try running a scandisk, or reinstalling windows over the top
Windows 95 would start in safe mode if it detected that it failed to start up properly last time around.
Many thanks for your replies. I have restarted Win95 many times but the same thing happens. How do I edit the MSDOD.SYS file?

Again many thanks for your prompt replies
Start, run:

notepad C:\MSDOS.SYS

also, post your Config.sys

i had a similar problem recently...and the problem was from within, although i can't remember exactly how i fixed it.

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