Windows 95 and email?


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24 Dec 2001

Not a big fan of 95 at all... ran into a few issues today with some different customers. One of our customers wasn't able to access email at all, as she thought she uninstalled Juno, but she didn't... so now whenever she tries using the email, it opens up juno...

The main issue for this thread though is another customer, we were trying to add an email account to the Windows 95 mail, but we could not find a damned thing for adding another email account. She got her first one added by adding a dialup connection, but there is no point to go through and add another one of those... Hell, not even sure how anymore lol.

Does anyone know of any guides online [searched Google, came up with nothing] that I can look at on the process of adding an email account to Windows 95 default mail client?

That's the thing, I don't think that Windows 95 comes with Outlook Express... it comes with it's own half assed email client that is not as easy to use OE. It definately is not OE that the customer has though, that's for damned sure. Trust me bro, I'm a whiz when it comes to Outlook and OE. :) Windows 95 though, it wasn't OE... I'd consider it like the crack version of OE, heh.
Punkrulz said:
That's the thing, I don't think that Windows 95 comes with Outlook Express...

nah, but Internet Explorer does m8...unless you have an aversion to that.
My advice, get your customer to update to something this side of the millenium, and I don't mean ME by that :D ;)
Windows 95, hmmmm, what year is it? Cars often don't last that long. Most pets don't either...
Guys, you have to understand that some people are older, not all that great with computers, and don't want to change what they're used to, including spending more money for something like that. It isn't convincing them to change, it's getting their issue fixed so they're happy.
Your issues won't be fixed until you get a new OS. Windows XP is awsome for oldie people (as long as you have the pc power, if you aint get a new PC as well). Don't use Windows 95 it's old and unsupported but most of all it's DOS and that means lots of BSOD, not oh I'm used to it. I'd get XP if your PC can handle it because 98SE is being unsupported (what I heard).
Guys, you HAVE to understand yet again, these are 1) Old people, 2) Not necessarily having enough money for a new OS... I don't want to hear anything about the issue won't be fixed until you get a new OS. I have to deal with the current one. So that's where the need comes in.
There are systems older then 95 out there still doing things you depend on that you probably don't even know about :p I read this post on /. the other day of this guy that worked for a bank and worked w/ a mainframe kinda thing w/ a monochrome screen and you hand to use the up and down arrows and put in cryptic commands to do backups for like banks and ATMs !!

... anyhoo I lost where i was going w/ this ... sorry.
Sure people are using old systems,
but then people who drive old cars shouldn't be expecting to break the speed limit.
If that Win95 is what they are happy with then tell them, "no",
you can't have multiple accounts on the generic client,
cos the system is too tired and old, M$ sacked it ages ago.
Newer systems will allow this, as will OE, but they want neither...
Sorry then no emails :p

But hey, at least they won't have to learn anything new.
...errr kinda like they did when 95 was released *me slaps head* :p

As a tech I should say leaving these people running old incapable, unsupported
systems such as this is against the interest of my customers, and a lazy way out.
Force that change m8. ;)
I did numerous searchs and could only find thing i could find was the following, apprently Windows 95 uses a version of

* Click on the Microsoft Exchange Icon on your Windows '95 Desktop.
* If you are asked to select a profile, select MS Exchange Settings. Click OK.
* When the Inbox - Microsoft Exchange screen comes up, go to the MenuBar and select Tools, then select Options. Under Options, select Services, then choose Internet Mail from the selection list.
* Once Internet Mail is selected, click on Properties. This will display your Internet Mail Settings. Make sure the following information is there precisely as it is described below:

1. Full Name: Enter your Full Real Name
2. Email Address: Your email
3. Internet Mail Server: blah.blah.blah
4. Account Name: username
5. Password: your password

* Click OK . If you get a message that "settings will not take effect until next time you log in", Click OK.
* Click OK all the way back. Exit Inbox. MS Exchange is now configured to Send & Receive mail.

There are other programs for 95 which i think will take multiple address

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