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Hi I was wondering if anyone else has tried Windows 7 on Parallels, Parallels Server for Mac or VMware?

I put up a 32 and 64 bit on all. I have had some speed issues. :mad:. I was thinking of trying to virtulize xp inside 7 that is virtulized on Parallels....


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i would recommend quite strongly against trying to run a virtual machine from within a virtual machine. The best way to do this is if you wanted to push ESX into VMWare Workstation and build virtual guest inside the ESX instance (which is possible - especially on Workstation v7 which is still in beta)

Windows 7 runs fairly well in Workstation 6.5 and workstation 7 - your performance will vary depending on what features you have enabled and the underlying hardware.

Windows 7 also will work ok with VMware Fusion. This post is a little older but it will walk you through setting up windows 7 RC on VMWare fusion.
While VMware Fusion won’t formally support Windows 7 until it is released later this year, the Windows 7 Release Candidate works really well in VMware Fusion 2.0.4 based on our initial testing.
I can't speak for Parallels as I haven't used it in quite a while.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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honestly, I haven't run windows 7 on fusion.. actually, that reminds me, I need to upgrade Fusion on my wife's MacBook..

my wife is the one with the mac - and we run Fusion for some of her other windows specific needs. Most of my work lately has been in the windows/*nix/ESX world..

I can tell you that VMWare Workstation 7 (beta) works great w/Windows 7 as a host and as a guest.. but I can't speak to the Fusion side as I didn't participate in the latest beta on that side..

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