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Windows 7 drivers


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This is not a blanket statement saying that all vista 32 and 64 drivers work on the windows 7 beta...but...

I installed the beta on my laptop, which I use way more than my desktop, and wanted to test if my synaptics touchpad could install a driver. I jumped on the synaptics website, grabbed the vista x64 driver and it installed no problem!

If you are the testing type and really want to see what works and doesn't with windows 7 you may be able to use vista drivers for windows 7 to really test out your hardware.


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so far it seems like the VAST majority of Vista drivers work on Windows 7. think i've only read of a select few that have issues, such as some Creative drivers causing issues... possibly BSOD's.


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The only issue I've had with Vista drivers was that the driver install files for my wife's new Acer laptop refused to install (Gave an invalid OS message)... set the compatibility mode for the setup file to Vista and they worked fine.


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Photoshop Creative Suite 3 will not install install on windows 7/

As for drivers. All that I have used with vista have worked with 7 :)

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