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seems it can play it but it doesn't by default - to get it working under x64 i had to grab the x64 mkv muxer and splitter from media player classic site.

To get MCE to see mkvs you will need to go to the reg entry below and add the information

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="WMP11.AssocFile.MKV" - Change default vaule to this
"Content Type"="video/matroska" - add this as string
"PerceivedType"="video" - add this as string

on x86 haali media splitter will do this for you.

Or grab the txt file on this post and change it to mkv.reg and run it

edit: seems that ffdshow and win7 dont like each other too much and can cause some issues, i hit one with mkv - cant play them with ffdshow install, can if its not installed
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mkv are playing with windows7/codec pack package here.

Would like to find a mkv joiner/dvdburner app though.

Thanks 3D,


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under x64 if you install ffdshow mkvs dont play - uninstall them and windows own codecs play them fine. Its not the first place i have seen that has said about it, CCCP codec pack looks 32bit not 64 :)

mkvtoolsnix - for mkv stuff
imgburn - for dvd burning


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7100 x64 - all my anime MKV's play fine with CCCP and MPC :)
That's the point.

You should be able to use WMC with just some codec's and NO MPC.

I like MPC myself but I prefer to have my libraries available to me while using and running it natively in WMC.

7 supports most formats, but no .mkv support natively afaik.


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Hi Sazar,

I am playing mkv in the 7077 x64 windows media player right now. I am using WMP 12.0.7077.0 version.



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I know.

Lord's post was about playing mkv's with MPC.

I do that on my Vista machine but on my Win 7 machine, it plays fine with the cole2k pack.

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